10 Easy Ways to Recognize a Good Laptop

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any of you who want to buy a new laptop. But when it comes to recognizing a good laptop within the budget, many people can not do that job well.

So it is very important to know what you need to know before buying a good laptop.

I didn’t know anything about the features of an arm laptop before. So after buying my first laptop I was very upset.

Because before buying that laptop, I bought it without any guidance from anyone.

Besides, I didn’t know what to look for in a good laptop or what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

So, in this case, I made a big mistake and bought a laptop for about 25 thousand rupees which were very difficult for me to do.

Because his laptop is working very slow and his display quality is very poor.

Moreover, the hardware configuration gets much worse so it hangs almost all the time.

This is how it can happen to you if you buy a laptop without knowing anything about laptops. Using a laptop will be very difficult for you and the money will go away.

But I bought my second laptop knowing what are the ways to recognize a good quality laptop or what we need to know before buying a laptop.

And I am very satisfied with my second laptop and this laptop works very fast and fast. Besides, the display quality is very good.

And I bought this second laptop for only twenty thousand rupees, so whenever you go to buy the same laptop, you should compare different laptops according to your budget and needs.

Before you buy a laptop that will have a better configuration, I will give you the above tips so that you can choose a good quality laptop for yourself.


Here are some things to look for when choosing a laptop to choose from:

Here are 9 tips to help you differentiate between a good and a bad laptop.

But keep in mind that your budget or how much money you want to buy a laptop will also depend in many cases.

And depending on the purpose for which you are thinking of buying a laptop, it will depend on whether the laptop is good or bad for you.

It all depends on the purpose of buying your laptop, not for playing games, for simple typing work, for entertainment and internet browsing, or for running heavy software.

But no matter what your budget, you need to know these nine things before buying a laptop to choose a laptop that has a fast, good display quality, and essential features.


So let’s find out below what to know before buying a good laptop.


A laptop or computer is the most widely used Windows operating system so before buying a laptop you need to see if you have the latest Microsoft Windows OS.

Today, the latest Windows OS needs and you have to keep the price of your laptop so that the old Windows version such as windows7 windows8 is not provided.

But it will change the performance of your laptop a lot because it is much better than the older versions of Windows and many improvements have been made in various versions.

So you need to have some of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows Windows Ten Home Professional, in order to make your laptop work faster and faster.


Most budget laptops have low-quality good resolution displays. This type of display has a resolution of 1367* 768 or less where you will get a much clearer display.

These displays are great for general work but you won’t get that fun when watching movies or playing games.

So before buying a laptop, I will look at it so that it has a full HD 1920*1080 resolution display.

In it you will get many high-quality HD displays where you will enjoy watching videos, playing games, or working.

Moreover, if your budget is a little higher then you can get a laptop with better display quality or resolution.


I will not say much about the laptop screen size because it will depend entirely on your own needs, but I have used laptops of different sizes.

And I think 12 to 13-inch laptops are best for those who own laptops and travel a lot with laptops.

Laptops with such a screen size will be slightly smaller.

Also if you are buying a laptop for watching movies or playing games then it would be best to buy a 15-inch laptop.

The 15-inch size laptop is very popular among people and if you want a bigger screen then this size is best for you.

But keep in mind that these 15-inch laptops will be a little heavier and can be difficult for you to carry with you at all times.

Lastly, if you use your laptop only to play high-end games or watch movies, you can keep your laptop in the same place or carry a 17 to 18-inch laptop.

But keep in mind that laptops on this site will be heavier and more difficult to carry.


A laptop means to use it without any designated place and in this case to run the laptop by connecting electricity all the time but it is not possible.

So whether you are buying a laptop for work or for entertainment you must want the price of your laptop to be able to run on its battery backup without power for eight hours.

And make sure you can run the laptop for seven to eight hours with just a battery backup when receiving it or any other time without a power connection.

And before you buy a laptop for him, you must know about his battery backup, and it is up to you to know this beforehand.


Laptop keyboards and touchpads but be sure to check out a lot of times people don’t see this before buying a laptop and then have to face a lot of big problems with the keyboard and touchpad.

So you can see the quality of the keyboard, the button lanes, the quality of the buttons, and the convenience of the touchpad.


The performance of the laptop depends on the CPU processor of your laptop. 70% of us do not check the processor of the laptop when we buy it.

And because of poor quality processors, our laptops don’t work fast. Remember, the better the quality of your laptop’s CPU processor, the faster and better performance you will get.

So the better the quality CPU processor your laptop has, the more powerful and faster the laptop will work.

So always find out if you have the latest generation processor.


It is very important to have a laptop to work in a smooth way without having to hang from time to time.

Having more RAM will make your laptop work much faster, easier, and faster to process any program. There is less chance of hanging and multitasking can be done easily.

So make sure you have a minimum of 4GB of 8GB Ram on your laptop.

That is why the RAM of the laptop so that it has ddr3 or ddr4 range is current but add ddr4 and this kind of RAM but works in the most advanced and fast way.


That’s why after you buy a laptop, you put some common movie games, software, music photos on the laptop, and we need some space to install Windows OS.

So for these simple things, 500 GB of storage or hard disk is enough, but more GB games or movies are more than enough to keep a large amount of laptop and hard disk.

Since we can’t put extras or hard disks on laptops as separately as desktop PCs, it would be better to buy a laptop with more space first, such as 1 terabyte.

There are other special features associated with storage and hard disks. Nowadays high-quality hard disks have come out and they are called SSD.

This type of SSD hard disk works much faster and faster than ordinary HDD storage.

However, the price of SSD hard disks is much higher than ordinary hard disks.


Here are some common features and functions of a laptop after learning about them.

First, check if your chosen laptop has a USB 3.0 port.

Such USB ports allow you to transfer or receive files much faster via a pen drive or other external storage.

The second is to see if there is a DVD writer. Yes, a DVD disc is much less used nowadays.

In addition, you are given DVD discs to install driver software for different hardware, and you cannot install them on a laptop without a DVD drive.

But yes you can download and install online driver software although not everyone can do it easily.


So I know that before you buy a laptop, you must think about the brand of the laptop.

The special reason for this is the effect on the warranty.

A good brand like Acer Asus Dell Lenovo will get these laptops as well as their service center anywhere.

So you can easily fix your laptop anytime inside the warranty card if your laptop breaks down and the response of the service centers of the best-branded laptop companies is very good.

Moreover, good brands are always trustworthy and the hardware power of laptops is original and good means that they have confidence, so before choosing a laptop for yourself, you must look at its brand company.


So friends, how to buy a laptop, how to recognize a good laptop, or what you need to look at before buying a laptop, you may have knowledge.

Remember that the better the processor of the laptop and the better and better the frequency, the better the performance of your laptop.

Also, it is very important to pay attention to some general emergency teachers and functions. If you have any questions or problems, ask me in the comments below.

In the end, if my laptop buying guide is useful to you, then you must share it with others.

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