11 Popular Blogging Topics For Earning Income

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Blogging Topics
Blogging Topics

Today’s time blogs are one of the best ways to earn money online. If you are also thinking of making money by blogging then you may be thinking about how to create a blog.

Don’t worry, in today’s article, we will learn about some of the best niche blogs that are already very profitable.

Look, many people are blogging now, but only 35% of bloggers are successful.

This is because most people make the mistake of choosing the right niche before starting blogging.

If you are creating a blog with a competitive niche, then of course it will take a long time for that blog to get traffic from Google because having competitive blogging means that there is a topic on the blog that has a lot of people blogging on it.

So to get quick success in your blogging career and get traffic to your blog from Google quickly, you need to start working on a low competitive blogging niche.

Low Competitive Blog niche means some topic topics that are not currently available on most websites or blogs on the Internet.

So if you start blogging with some of these topics or below, then of course early success.

Creating a blog with these topics below is likely to get Google organic traffic much faster.


See, when it comes to a profitable blogging topic, just looking at a competitive topic will not work.

A profitable topic means a topic in which there is less competition and the topic is very popular and people search a lot on the internet for that topic.

Because if the internet is very low on the subject you are creating then the chances of getting blog traffic are very low.

For example, I have created a blog on a popular topic that is searched a lot on the internet.

Now you are creating a blog with a much less popular cover topic.

Now suppose I publish only ten articles on my blog and you have published about 50 articles on your blog.

In this case, even though your blog has more articles than my blog, there is a chance that my blog will get more traffic than your blog.

Because even though you have published fifty articles, the articles you write are less popular, so your articles are being searched on the internet.

Even if you see more articles, your blogging career is succeeding.

In contrast, even though there are only ten articles, the topics of my blog are very popular and people search a lot on the internet for them.

As a result, even if there are only ten articles, my blog will get a lot of traffic from the internet and more than your blog with 50 articles.

So now you understand why I am saying that you always have to create a blog with a popular topic.

Hope you understand, below we know some of the best blogging topics that are not very popular and less competitive.

Top 11 Top Things To Get With Traffic Or Revenue With Blogs

The topics I am talking about below are very popular now and there are a lot of searches on the internet for them.

You can create a blog by selecting any one topic but select the topic by looking at which of the following topics you have more experience and knowledge of interest.

This allows you to publish regular good article content on your blog.


This is a popular and lucrative blogging topic that is constantly being practiced because today it is possible to find information on anything on the internet.

And so people search the internet first to find out about new jobs.

Millions of people work on the Google search engine every day to get another good job news.

In this case, if you create a blog involving the same job and career then more traffic is likely to go to your blog in about two months.

About 100k to 10 million searches are done every month in Google search for various topics related to jobs such as government jobs and private jobs.

However, to create such a job website, you have to publish articles about new jobs and career tips every day.

Publishing content about regular new government jobs and job application links will get people to your blog very quickly and always.

Moreover, there are very few blogs on the Internet on such issues.


Creating a blog with this topic will get you traffic much faster and in greater numbers because people search the internet for any minor physical problem.

Moreover, millions of people search for how we can stay healthy and strong.

So if you create a blog about health and fitness and regularly publish some profitable articles there, then of course you will get a lot of traffic in just two to three months.

See what people always search for on the internet about health and fitness.

However, the traffic to your blog will continue to come.

About fifty percent of the world’s people search Google for health and fitness almost every day.

So if you are thinking of creating a new blog and getting the traffic there quickly then it is really beneficial to create a blog on this topic.


I don’t think there is anyone in the world who has never searched for a way to make money on the internet.

I would like to say that today everyone should know about the new ways to earn income from the internet.

In this case, you can create a blog with income tips online. This topic is very popular on the Internet, and people like to get information about this topic.

Get more Google Adsense CPC on blogs with this topic as well as get more traffic.

As a result, with more traffic, you will have a lot of AdSense income. Remember that now almost everyone wants to earn money online from home.

So this topic can be the best blog topic for you if you write good articles on this topic.


Food & Recipes are charged a lot on the internet so it is also a popular and lucrative blogging topic.

Blogs on this topic have gained popularity very quickly, but you need to publish new food recipes on your blog every day.

You get a lot of traffic to your blog if you regularly publish good and fun recipes.

It is very easy to continue this kind of blog because the recipes are almost the same and so the recipe articles can be published in a very short and concise form.


Today everyone wants to make themselves more beautiful and attractive.

People want to express themselves as more beautiful and more fashionable in order to adapt to the advanced and modern way of life.

And that’s why millions of men and women search Google every day for beauty and fashion.

As a result, this topic can be considered a very profitable topic for anyone to create a new blog.

There are not many blog sites on the internet that deal with this kind of beauty and fashion.

So of course I would suggest creating a blog on this topic. If you want to publish regular good articles about beauty and fashion, you can get traffic to your blog very quickly.


There are many things that people want to know about the Internet.

And for this purpose, every day billions of people search Google for things related to the Internet.

So if you create a blog that deals with things related to the internet, then of course the traffic to the blog from Google search will be much faster.

There are thousands of topics, such as Google Translate, Search Engine, Google Assistant, etc. that you can write articles about.

It doesn’t matter if you or anyone you know knows this.

Many people do not know much about the Internet that you can tell them about.


Inspirational stories etc. come in handy at certain times in our lives. And whenever we are in a bad mood or struggling to succeed in life, motivational stories help us a lot.

And so this topic is very popular on the internet nowadays and many people are looking for information on this topic.

There are no good blogs on the internet for this kind of thing so if you can help people by creating a motivational block then there is a lot of opportunities to get quick traffic income.


If you have a blog on how to and what is, then chances are you will succeed very soon.

Complete information on how to do anything or anything created a blog with topics in this topic.

Blogs made with this type of topic get ranked in Google search very quickly.

Millions of searches are done every day in Google search about who says what and how to do anything.


Who doesn’t like to tell stories and reading stories in their own language is fun but different.

And remember that every month millions of people do a Google search on the internet to read different stories.

Such as ghost stories, fairy tales, love stories, etc.

You can create a Bengali story blog if you want because a lot of people search for Bengali story topics on the internet.

However, there is still a blog of such a good Bengali story.

So keep publishing good stories every day to get a good amount of traffic in just two months.

This topic is never bad when it comes to making a quick income by creating new blogs.


Nowadays it is possible to get Google search traffic much faster on a blog created with a review Blog niche.

Because today everyone buys smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs.

Hey, before we buy the digital devices in this store, we all search for them on the internet.

Which is better, which model to buy or which mobile or laptop is the best at a lower price.

There are many types of digital products to publish on your blog.

Today, from a 5000 taka mobile to a 50,000 taka mobile, everyone reads the reviews of the mobiles on the internet and decides whether to buy it or not.

So at the present time, a digital product review block is seen to be a much quicker success.

You can earn income through both affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

Regularly publishing review articles on new smartphones, laptops, smart TVs or other digital products will start to get a lot of traffic in just two to three months.


Last but not least, the most popular blogging topic idea is blogging. Today everyone can create their own blog to make an online income. And about 90% of new bloggers learning blogging through the internet.

So if you can create a blog on how to do blogging, it can be beneficial for you.

Many new bloggers who have created blogs on this blogging guide topic have found success in their blogging careers very quickly.

So if you are a blogging expert then you must share your blogging experience and knowledge with people.

This can be a very lucrative topic for you.

Our last word

So friends, today we know that you can create a blog by selecting some topics for the quick success of your blogging career.

As mentioned above, if you create a blog with these popular topics, it is possible to get a lot of traffic from Google search.

Also, if you want to make money from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, then all blogging niche is the best.

So if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.

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