How To Learn Computer At Home? Easy Way To Learn Computer

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learn computer
learn computer

The question of how to learn computer is being asked by many people online today. Because it is very important to have computer education to work in any office today.

If you have no knowledge of how to use or operate a computer, you may be lagging behind and may have difficulty finding a job.

Computer education or computer knowledge has become a necessary thing today 2021 without which most things cannot be done.

So nowadays children are being given computer education from this school. You will understand when you go to any office other places.

Where data entry is being done in Microsoft Excel Someone has edited a video or photo Where is the calculation being done through Tally software or Where is the work being done using computer internet.

Moreover, if you have your own business, then you can easily settle your work and accounts by using the computer properly.

So using a computer today people in different places have done different things and do their work in a simple and straightforward way.

So the use of computers is happening in every private or government office today.

And knowing how to use it to get a job has become very important.

In the end, if you want to keep yourself updated with today’s era then you need to learn the computer.

Once you have knowledge or use of a computer, you can prepare yourself for all kinds of work.

So let’s use simple rules or methods of how to learn computer at home, we do not know at a glance below.


The Internet is a great way to learn computers at home. Yes, today the Internet has become an education through which we can learn not only about computers but also about anything.

In this case, the Internet is a blessing for us, but I will not say wrong.

Today, people are learning about computers one by one through the internet.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet pack in it then you can take computer education using various internet learning tools.

I myself have learned a lot about computers in this way and so I am telling you.


You must have an Android phone, so if that’s the case then activate the internet pack on it and you can learn everything from using the computer to the four rules I will tell you.

But first, you need to know what you want to learn on the computer.

I mean a computer is a machine that works with different software and hardware and there is a lot to learn from computers there is no end to learning.

For example, if you have never used a computer before, you must first learn Computer Basic. If you want to calculate the official work data entry cost, then you need to learn Microsoft Excel or any other software.

There are many other things that you can learn about the work of editing the work of various software, the use of the Internet, the work of DTP Microsoft-office Photoshop, and the work of software development networking.

But you have to think for yourself what you want to learn about computers and which computer course you need to learn and continue your course accordingly.

Once you have basic computer knowledge then how can you learn professional courses and of course you can learn everything through the internet.


Remember that you will learn computers using the online methods or rules I will talk about below.

But to become an expert you have to practice what you have learned at home or you will forget everything.


YouTube is the best way to learn anything online on the internet because there are millions and millions of tutorial videos on YouTube that you can watch to learn anything.

Today, anyone can use YouTube to learn computer courses for Computer Basics, just by watching videos on their mobile phones, you can learn about computers and the things related to them.

Through YouTube, you can learn computers by watching videos in Bengali, Hindi, English, and many other languages.

Once you search for a computer course or computer basic course on YouTube, you will find many good tutorial videos.

Plus you can learn Microsoft Office Excel Photoshop and much more by watching videos. Search for the course you want to learn on YouTube and watch the video online at home.


Just like you can learn about your computer by watching online videos, you can download various e-book files and learn about computer at home.

A PDF is actually a file that contains text and images on a topic.

And then the PDF files are uploaded to the internet so that people can download and read the content written on them.

In this case, you can find many computer courses and computer-related tutorial PDF files on the Internet.

You can download them from mobile and read advanced courses from computer basic to mobile.


Nowadays in the age of the internet and in this age of the internet, we can learn almost everything as an online course.

Do a Google search for the online computer course and you will find many websites that offer you free online computer courses and advanced courses.

To put it bluntly, you can learn computers using some of the online websites on the internet.

And there are some who have promised to give you a certificate for your exam.

So if you don’t know anything about computers and want to take basic computer knowledge then you can learn how to use computers without any cost through these online websites.


Yes, nowadays you can get many Android applications for free in the Google Play Store that you can use to take your computer education.

It is very easy to take more computer knowledge using these apps.

Apart from these, you will get many more Bangla computer tutorial apps quite loudly.


So friends, using the ones I mentioned above, you can learn about computers on the Internet at home.

These mediums are best for learning basic computer online saving basics.

Moreover, if you want, you can join the computer class and take computer training in a few days.

If you learn by joining a computer institution or class you can learn a lot faster and a lot better because there you will be shown everything in a practical way.

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