How To Send Email From Gmail? Email Rules

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Do you also want to know how to send emails or what are the rules for sending emails? If so, today I will tell you how to email from your own Gmail ID.

Remember that we need a mail account or mail id to send or receive emails.

I mentioned earlier in my article how to create a Gmail account. So before you know how to send or receive an email, you must create your own Gmail ID.


Today, it is very important to understand how to work through email to complete school or university and any work.

There are many jobs that are only communicated or spoken to via e-mail.

So if you do not know how to send or receive mails, you may face difficulties in the future.

You will need three things to send the email.

You need to have an email ID and email address of the person you want to email and have the internet on your computer or laptop.

Of course, you can email from your mobile if you want.

So if you have the above things like your email id computer or laptop internet and the mail id of the person you want to email then you can know how to send an email in two minutes.

Today, I will teach you how to send mail from Gmail or how to receive mail in Gmail.

Remember that the rules for sending mail from other mail’s account websites like Gmail, such as Yahoo and Outlook are the same.

I just said that the rules for sending mail from Gmail are because most email accounts are created in Gmail and we all use Gmail.


The rules for emailing from Gmail are very simple. Below I have explained step-by-step.

How to send an email from Gmail?

First go to Gmail’s website from your computer laptop or mobile Now go to Gmail’s website Login to Gmail with your email ID and password.

After logging in to Gmail you will see a dashboard where you can see everything related to your email.

Now you need to click on the compose link on the left. After clicking on the compose link you will see a new box where you have to write your new mail.

As soon as you write the mail, you have to enter the mail ID of the person to whom you want to send this mail.

See below for what to enter in the box to send a new email.

The box above is the email ID of the person who will send the mail.

  • Write about email in the second year means two to three words above what your mail is about.
  • Enter the email below in the third box.
  • Now after writing all, click on the send option below, it will get the email in your text to the person whose mail id you sent it to in a few seconds.

Now that you know how to write an email or what the rules for sending mail are now, we don’t know how to attach a picture or file while sending mail.

How to send pictures or files by email?

It may be that you want to send images or Excel files, PDF files or any other files to your mail.

If so, don’t worry, you’ll be able to send pictures and any files with your Gmail email.

So you don’t have to do much, just compose an image by clicking on the image attach icon at the bottom of the Asha box while typing the email and clicking on the attached file icon to make any file your own dictionary.

Now we know how to write an email, how to send a mail, and how to send an attaching picture.

So now we don’t know how to receive mail.

How to receive an email?

You don’t have to do anything special to receive a Gmail email. The rule of thumb is to send the mail to your email id. You can view the mail by clicking on the inbox link on the left side of your Gmail dashboard.

In this inbox, you can see all your receiving mails.

By clicking on the sentiment link at the bottom of such an inbox, you can see how many emails have been sent to whom.

Our last word

So, friends, I hope you have understood the rules of how to email from Gmail.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and share if you like.

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